About us

We are a strategy and research boutique built on a diversity of tribal cultures developed over more than ten years of experience in the fields of research, strategy, and communications.

Insight Gatherers
We gather the most valuable insights, and we know how to analyze them.

Trend Hunters
We successfully hunt for and forecast trends.

Digital Natives
The maze of internet data is our natural habitat.

Mobile Nomads
We shadow every step of the consumers.

In a world where everyone focuses on Big Data to answer the question What? we go a step further and answer the question Why? But that is not all, because unlike others, we always offer explanations to answer the question What do we do next?


11 January 2021

Microcultures can lead to emerging trends

In the realm of research, microcultures are normally studied by biologists dealing with microorganisms, but they should also be important to researchers seeking to learn about consumers as analyzing them can help us understand how are trends formed. 

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13 August 2020

Coronavirus and 5G

The popular online meme has it that the coronavirus is a perfect illustration of the butterfly effect (a Chinese man ate a bat in November and in March you have to use your elbow to open the lift), but many people believe that a big event requires a big cause, and this is where 5G comes in. More in our article.

17 December 2019


Moving ethnographic tools online is one thing, but the Internet and, above all, social media, offer completely new research opportunities which call for a new approach. Not only for the Internet per se, as a social phenomenon, but also for work on data as a product generated by network users. More about netnography in our article.


What do we do?

We provide comprehensive research services using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, ethnographic tools, and advanced analytical applications.

We tailor the research process to the goals of each project, always keeping in mind the bigger picture of how the research will offer specific benefits to the client.

We carefully analyze baseline knowledge and assumptions and identify specific research needs.
We design and execute a dedicated research process capped off by a workshop presentation of reports.
We work to translate the research findings and insights in a business and communication strategy for an organization, and we formulate recommendations and offer consultancy.

Apart from traditional research we specialize in the following:

  • Virtual ethnography observing users in their natural habitat.
  • Trendwatching regarding forecasting market and communication trends.
  • Merging automatic results of Big Data and Small Data analyses through the manual work of researchers and understanding of contextual knowledge.

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